“More Humanistic, Wisdom-Based Technology” – EES Leads the Shift says author, Dr. Elizabeth E. Botchis

Awakening the Holographic Human by Elizabeth E. Botchis, PhD

In the recently published Awakening the Holographic Human: Nature’s Path to Healing & Higher Consciousness Dr. Elizabeth E. Botchis, who is a long time EESystem owner, applies her brilliance and well-rounded understanding of different healing modalities that support an individual’s human and spiritual evolution. Dr. Botchis’ knowledge offers insight from a multicultural perspective on “Nature’s Blueprints:” flowers, herbs, gems, colors, energy, light, and stars. The composition of the book guides the reader to a more complete experience of integration. In particular, we learn about the use of ancient tools from nature, as well as recently developed higher-consciousness technologies, from which both Botchis’ writes to address the deeper subtle layers of our total conscious existence. Awakening the Holographic Human recognizes scalar-wave technology for its advances in modern healing and attributes Dr. Sandra Rose Michael and EES for leading the way. Dr. Botchis’ having worked with the EES for several years has eloquently provided analysis and commentary on the harmonious relationship of our “cognitive/ spiritual functioning” that is possible when in the field of scalar energy.

The author writes, “When the human body enters a scalar-energy field, the subtle energies of the individual become aligned with Source.

“As an individual bathes in the multi-fields of the EES, he or she breaks through the boundaries of linear thinking by freeing the physiology to expose radical new levels of cognitive functioning.”

Dr. Botchis goes on to write about the Seven Steps of Conscious Holographic Healing Using Scalar Technologies.

Dr. Michael extends her gratitude and congratulations to Dr. Botchis for her tremendous accomplishment.

3 thoughts on ““More Humanistic, Wisdom-Based Technology” – EES Leads the Shift says author, Dr. Elizabeth E. Botchis

  1. After the 4th EESystem session yesterday (over a 4 week period), I find myself with only the NOW as this is where my soul (mind) is still.


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