Family History

Sandra grew up in home where classical music, science experiments, libraries of books, and organic gardens were the norm. On her families farm in Ohio, Sandra felt most comfortable talking to and healing animals from a young age. In fact, you can picture this young vegetarian genius sneaking her meals under the table to the dogs and cats.

Their 130-acre farm was inherited by Sandra’s father, Ralph F. Behner, whose family deed was originally signed by President Andrew Jackson. Ralph was one-hundred percent German and came from the same lineage as Martin Luther of the Lutheran Church. Ralph was a brilliant engineer always inventing things as needed on the farm. His passion for boats, planes, and cars eventually led him to his career as an aeronautical electrical mechanical engineer. His work included top-secret projects like the MACH 3, as well as others that just recently became declassified public information. Sandra shares fond memories of her father working on cars or farm machines, building tesla coils or circuit boards or radio transmitters, and playing with microscopes and every sort of technology that was available. Her father’s intelligence exuded in his clarinet playing, which Sandra also learned to play. Ralph had a photographic memory and an intensely powerful strong will. On one occasion Sandra remembers her father pulling a fence pole out of the ground with his bare hands.

Sandra’s mother Lois H. Behner was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Also brilliant, born with German ancestry, she enjoyed chemistry and became a member of Mensa, the high IQ society. Lois was studying at Ohio State University in the engineering department when she met Sandra’s father; the two agreed to be lab partners. Lois was extremely devoted to her work. She contributed towards building the atomic bomb, and passed high security clearances and lengthy employment contracts to become a nuclear physicist. It was at the time she was fissioning plutonium that she found out she was pregnant with Sandra. Lois liked to sing opera, in their family music was celebrated as math.

It is no wonder Sandra is the intelligent woman and humanitarian she is. From learning to make mobias structures in kindergartner to learning folk medicine from her father’s roots on the farm, her ability to integrate science and spiritual wisdom began in her earliest years. Sandra appreciated and incorporated the best of her parents. In 10th grade she tested at the top in her state in Latin, English, and Math. Soon after she tested above the 99 percentile on the SAT and ACT.